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Association of the Blind People in Sarajevo was established in 1948 and it has been working continuously up to now. However it was going by different names in compliance with political or some other organization of the Sarajevo area and its environment.

Association of the Blind People of the Canton of Sarajevo was entered into the Register of Ministry of Justice and Administration and it carries out its activities at the area of the Canton of Sarajevo.


The blind and sight-impaired persons who lost the sight in such a way that it fits in definition of blindness, i.e. definition that is accepted by both the authorized professional institutions and bodies of the Association, can be the full members of the Association.

All physical and legal entities with a real sense of commitment to help the blind people and Association, in any way, can join the membership if they apply for the membership in writing and they become "supporting” members.

 The person who persistently supports the blind people and Association as well, who in this way makes contribution to creation of better conditions for the Association work and its activities, the person who makes better conditions for improvement of status of the blind in the community can be appointed as honorary fellow by the Association Assembly.


Blind persons and other persons with disabilities, equal and active members of the local community, free from strain caused by disability, self-confident and able to rely on their own capacities and accepted by the environment taking into account all their specifities.





Creating preconditions and conditions for social inclusion, equal participation and overall affirmation of the blind and other persons with disabilities in the society and taking actions in order to mitigate and eliminate discrimination and prejudices against the blind and other persons with disabilities.


1. To gather blind persons for their organized action and improvement of their overall status in the society;

2. To improve and enhance conditions for achieving the rights of the blind and other persons with disabilities in the field of: Education, social care/protection, health care, children protection, rehabilitation, employment, pension and disability insurance, provision of tiflotechnical and other assistive devices, informing, culture, sport etc.

3. To encourage and improve social care and support for the blind and other persons with disabilities in order to effectively and fully meet their needs and to protect their rights and interests;

4. To make contributions to functioning of the municipal, city or cantonal bodies, to achieve participation in realization of different activities of some other cantonal institutions and organizations by performing the jobs and activities on the basis of legal authorities and other regulations;

5. To encourage the development of personal integrity and the socialization of the blind, visually impaired and other persons with disabilities through organizing and implementing various activities appropriate to their abilities, interests and needs.

6. To strenghten material, organizational and human capacities of the Association in order to provide its sustainability.


Statute of the Association of the Blind Citizens of Canton Sarajevo ( Click for PDF document )