Uduženje slijepih Kantona Sarajevo objaljuje poziv za konsultanta/icu

Terms of Reference

Qualitative Study of project in Bosnia and Hercegovina


Assignment title:Consultant for a study on Association of the Blind of Canton Sarajevo (USGKS) and The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired Stockholm Gotland (SRF SG’) collaborative project 1996 – 2021.

Location:Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Duration:Short-term contract; October - December 2021.

Date for tender:September 20, 2021.



The Association of the Blind of Canton Sarajevo


The Swedish association of the visually impaired, (national level).


The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired Stockholm Gotland



1          Background


A long-term collaboration between Association of the Blind of Canton Sarajevo (USGKS) and The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired Stockholm Gotland (SRF SG’s) will cease at the end of 2021. The project is supported by MyRight. A long collaboration (1996-2021), where a lot has been done to strengthen the USGKS and its members.

Together USGKS and SRF SG like to share the knowledge and experiences from our 26 years of collaboration. This is to inspire other organizations to seek cooperation and start joint projects to increase the capacity of their activities to improve living conditions for persons with visual or other impairments.

USGKS, SRF SG is now looking for a consultant (individual or consulting company) to carry out data collection, analysis and reporting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina during the period of October-December 2021.

Main objective of the assignment


Evaluate the 25 years of collaboration.

Based on interviews / conversations describe samples of activities and events that have been important during the 25 years of collaboration.

Describe both positive and challenging experiences from the USGKS side as well as SRF SG.

Create a report that provides increased knowledge and inspiration for international cooperation

A brief description of us who have collaborated and are approaching consultants for this assignment


USGKS was founded in 1948. After the peace in 1995 USGKS was re-built. Initially the need for humanitarian support and help to establish the work was crucial. Over the years USGKS has concentrated on advocacy work reaching out activities to find and involve members and study circles for the members.

SRF SGis a regional branch under The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired, (SRF). SRF SG is advocating for the rights of persons with visual impairment in the regions of Stockholm and Gotland. In doing so we adapt plans and decisions from the national level of SRF to our local conditions.


MyRight is the Swedish disability movement''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s organizationfor international cooperation. MyRight supports the member organizations within the Swedish disability movement administratively in the implementation of international projects.

About the Project 1996 - 2021

It has been a long, extensive and successful development cooperation project. It has among others, comprised of the following;

-          Reconstruction of the office building and recording studio after the civil war from 1992 – 1995.

-          Support to the establishment of the organization, (internal structure and capacity building).

-          Study circles in English, mobility and orientation, computer, digital platform and smart phone usage

-          Support to improved and extended advocacy work.

It’s significant to know that USGKS has collaborated with other national and international organizations e.g. offered members to run micro finance projects in collaboration with World Vision and also to strengthen the role of girls/women in the organization collaborated with "Kvinna till kvinna”. USGKS is very active in the collaboration with MyRight and other disability organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


USGKS has achieved significant results of their advocacy work. Among other programs and structured plans with objectives to improve the situation for persons with disabilities in the canton have been adopted by the government. Audio traffic signals are getting more frequent. There is access to rehabilitation and technical aids to a limited extent in the canton. Governmental home pages are accessible. Within the framework of the collaboration, USGKS has also actively worked to support the capacity building of other visually impaired organizations in other Cantons. That also includes some capacity building of national organizations in the region of former Yugoslavia.


Education in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Agenda 2030, association knowledge and in applying for financial support.

2          Duties for the consultant


USGKS and SRF SG is now looking for a consultant (individual or consulting company) to carry out data collection, analysis and reporting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as with the office in Stockholm.

However, this data collection could be done from Bosnia e. g. through Teams or another technical platform.

Time period:  October-December 2021.

The consultant we are searching for should, based on interviews, conversations and documentation, pick a sample of activities or events that have been important during the 25-year collaboration.


The main interests are to assess and evaluate experiences and knowledge gained during the long cooperation, and to describe to what extent the collaboration has full filled the objectives for the project. It is important that the consultant''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s reporting answers the questions below:

-          What significance had the collaboration for the association''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s board, office, members and people with visual impairments but also for other stake holders such as decision makers and the general public? What do they see as strengths or challenges with the completed collaboration?

-          How do USGKS, SRF SG and MyRight view the project in relation to the efforts made and what was achieved? For whom do they think the project has mainly had a positive effect?

-          Describe gained successes and challenges that have existed throughout the project period as well as to which extent gender and equality perspectives have been met and dealt with?

-          What are the main factors for the success of the collaboration? If possible, exemplify with activities carried out during the 25 years of collaboration. Which of these can be considered best practices and useful in other projects?


The assignment starts with studies of relevant documents to be familiar with the project. The selection of events will be done in close dialogue with working group of representatives from USGKS and SRF SG.


Next part includes administrative and technical preparations for the data collection, - Conduct of interviews, transcript, and compile key data from the interviews.

The consultant should use methods appropriate for the assignment such as:

-          Non structured or partly structured interviews

-          Questionnaires, written forms or carried out on phone or digital platforms. Please note: If questionnaires are used, make sure that digital questionnaires are accessible for persons who are using screen readers for those who cannot see a computer screen with their eyes.

-          Focus group discussions.


Findings and methods shall be described in a written final report.

-          The report shall be available in Bosnian and English.

-          The report should be presented by the consultant and discussed with USGKS, SRF SG and our donor organization, MyRight, in a seminar during which probable changes could be discussed and made if necessary.

-          The consultant will organise the seminar and prepare a presentation based on the findings from the report. The seminar should be hold in the second part of December

-          The study is followed by a working group consisting of representatives from USGKS, SRF SG and SRF. Meetings will be held every second week. Initially maybe once a week, if parties involved find it necessary. The group shall provide support to the consultant''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s ongoing work.

-          Initially the working group shall provide background documents and have meetings with the consultant to introduce the consultant to the assignment and to discuss the structure of the study together.

-          The communication will take place at any appropriate digital platforms.


3. Deliverables and timeframe


3.1       Consultancy starts October the first

3.2       Draft and final inception report

An inception report presenting the key findings of the initial desk study and outlining the data collection methodology and approach, including interview and/or online questionnaires and guidance, should be submitted by the consultant no later than 15 October 2021 to USGKS and SRF SG. The inception report should include a detailed work plan and timeline. The working group will assist and support the process.

3.3       Draft report outlining key findings, conclusions and recommendations, clearly responding to the specific objectives of the Study (see point 2 above) and the specific research questions designed in the inception phase of the Study. The draft report should be submitted no later than 10 December 2021 and should include the following sections;

-          Table of content.

-          Acronyms.

-          Executive Summary.

-          Introduction part (objectives, scope, methodology).

-          Context and background.

-          Analytical synthesis of key findings clearly linked to the specific objectives of the Study and specific research questions.

-          Conclusion and Recommendations such as best practices.

-          Appendices (as required i.e. case studies, ToR, work schedule, list of respondents, reference documents and others as required).

3.4     Final report taking into consideration USGKS’s and SRF SG’s comments and feedback on the draft report, to be submitted no later than 20 December 2021. Both the draft and final report should be presented in English with executive summary also in local languages.

3.5       Workshop In the end of the consultancy the consultant shall hold a meeting for USGKS, SRF SG, SRF and MyRight where the consultant presents (PowerPoint) findings from the report.

3.6       Possible consequences of covid-19

All dates indicated above are preliminary and will be agreed upon at the start-up meeting of the Study and established through the approval of the inception report of the Study. The implementation of this study will be affected by the on-going Covid-19. The consultant should demonstrate due consideration to this situation in the tender and provide alternative (online) research methods in case the pandemic will prevent face-to-face interviews and meetings throughout the implementation of the study. The Consultant, USGKS and SRF SG will collaborate to identify innovative solutions to potential challenges faced in the design and implementation of the Study.

3.7       End of consultancy last of December 2021


4. Qualifications

Required skills, competences and experiences

-          Academic degree in relevant field (e.g., international law and human rights, development studies or social sciences).

-          Professional work experience in human rights-based development

-          Relevant knowledge and professional experience in Disability, Children''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s rights and Gender equality.

-          Experience in designing and implementing evaluations and participatory studies.

-          Experience of writing texts that engage readers who want to change the living conditions of others and their own.

-          Experience in drafting findings and recommendations.

-          Excellent writing and editing skills in English and local language is required.


5. Roles and Responsibilities

5.1. The Consultant

-          Conducts the consultancy with utmost professional diligence in accordance with the timeframe and this Terms of Reference.

-          Carries out the consultancy in a manner and standards that best realise the objectives stated in this Terms of Reference.

-          Follow the deliverable with time frames and provide periodical update to USGKS and SRF SG on the ongoing progress of the consultancy through emails, telephone or other digital platforms.

5.2. USGKS and SRF SG

-          Make available internal USGKS and SRF SG documents relevant to this Study.

-          Instruct and support the Consultant throughout the implementation of the Study.

-          Facilitate communication with partner organizations and other stakeholders within our network in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Sweden.

-          Conduct continuous digital follow-up meetings throughout the implementation of the Study.

-          Meetings to introduce the consultant to the assignment and to discuss the structure and issues of the study during the whole consultancy.


6. Budget and Timeframe

The consultant should present a work plan and budget with daily consultant fee and additional costs in the tender. The total cost should cover consultant fee, travelling costs, communication, etc. including all applicable taxes and fees. The consultancy is estimated to 60 work days equivalent to 480 working hours. during a three months’ period of October to December 2021.


7. Payment Schedule 

Payment to the Consultant will be made based on the actual number of days – hours worked, deliverables accepted and upon certification of satisfactory completion by the manager.

The payment is divided into three transfers (inception report, draft report and final report and presentations). The amounts and dates of transfers will be agreed in the start-up meeting and will be affected when the contract between the Consultant and USGKS is signed.


8. Resolving Disputes

In the event of any dispute arising between USGKS, SRF SG and the consultant, who will be signing the contract on implementation of project, a maximum and genuine effort should be made by both parties to resolve such dispute through discussions. If they fail to resolve it in this manner, an arbitrator agreed upon by both parties should be appointed. If an arbitrator cannot be decided upon, the dispute should be resolved through the law courts in the country.


9. Property Rights

USGKS and SRF SG shall hold all property rights, such as copyright on matter directly related to, or derived from the work carried out through this Project.


10. Accessibility 

The consultant must respect MyRight Accessibility policy, and needs for accessibility when involving respondents with impairments and pay particular attention to provide accessibility of communication. More information about the policy is available on:  .


11. How to apply?

Qualified candidates (individual or consultancy firm) are invited to submit a tender, which should include:

-          A technical proposal: The technical proposal should briefly and clearly describe the following aspects; understanding of the task, and a preliminary methodology and approach for implementing the study, preliminary work plan and timeframe.

-          Financial proposal: Specifying daily consultant fee and all other estimated costs for implementing the study, including all taxes and applicable fees.

-          A detailed curriculum vitae (CV): detailed CV of the lead consultant and all other team members.

-          A work sample of a similar assignment and three references (names and contact details).


The Tender should be submitted by e-mail no later than 20 September 2021to name  Safeta Baković and email